Barbie Holmes, Shirley Wilson, Christina McEachern

Welcome to the 50 Year Club!

Sister Shirley Wilson our Newest Member.

On Tuesday, February 18, 2020, Conductress Christina McEachern and WM Barbie Holmes met our Sister Shirley Wilson for lunch at Sammy’s Restaurant in Henderson.  It was an absolutely delightful lunch filled with remembered times in the earlier years of the Chapter.  Sister Shirley joined Sunrise Chapter 50 years ago the end of this past December as a dear friend of Kay Rutman, PM.  Sister Shirley served in the offices of Adah and Esther for the Chapter.  She said that she was most impressed with our recent newsletters and how active the Chapter has become in the community.  Sister Shirley is a vivacious and active Sister who lives on the ‘other side’ of town.  What an honor it was to meet and present Sister Shirley with her 50 year pin!