This event is Postponed please see WM post.

Did someone say Birthday Parade??

Yes, It’s Sister Helen McLeod’s 99th Birthday, and we are throwing her a parade past her home to celebrate!

Sister Helen McLeod’s is a charter member of Sunrise OES #28

Please join us in celebrating Sister Helen McLeod’s 99th Birthday Parade —
HOW: Mail her a birthday card AND/OR JOIN US IN A PARADE past her home — you could decorate your vehicle, make a sign, or just join us in making ‘noise’ to celebrate her 99 years.
WHEN: Postponed
WHERE: Let’s meet a few houses East of Sister Helen’s home. We’ll just line-up as folks show up. Helen’s family is ‘onboard,’ and we hope to surprise her.
INFO: If you need her mailing/street address or have questions, please message WM Barbie
🥳🎉🥳 Let’s make this a special day for Sister Helen and let her know that we are celebrating this milestone with her!🥳🎉🥳

Press Release

Regarding:  Parade for 99th Birthday, Sunday, May 24, 2020, 1:15 PM,  Alterra Drive, Henderson

On Sunday, May 24, 2020, Helen McLeod, a Nevada native, will be celebrating her 99th birthday.  Helen was born and raised in Goldfield, Nevada the ‘baby’ of four children.  Her childhood home is still standing today and is close to the severe turn on US 95 in the downtown area.  Helen graduated from Esmeralda County High School located in Goldfield.  There were eight (8) students in her graduating class – her best friend was valedictorian and Helen was the salutatorian.  Her future husband (Daniel), who was older than she, lived across the street from her home.  They were married for 52 years prior to his passing at age 85.  Her husband worked on the railroad in Goldfield.  In 1946, the couple moved to Henderson and lived in ‘County housing’ and then later moved to ‘government housing,’ both in downtown Henderson.  They lived on Tungsten Street and then Tin Street.  Her husband worked at Western Electrical Chemical and later at American Potash.  They raised two children – a boy (Danny) and daughter (Sheila).  In 2000, the couple moved to a new home in a track in Henderson. 

Helen was active in the Community Church of Henderson and the Abigail Circle for many years.  She was the founding member of the Henderson Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star.  She recently celebrated being a 69+ year member of the Order and was honored at a special activity on March 10th at the Henderson Masonic Lodge.  Helen says that she has lived the longest of any relatives in her family.  When asked her secret to longevity, she just ‘laughed’ and said maybe it was because she was ornery.  However, many suspect it is due to her positive attitude and delightful smile.

The members of the Eastern Star of Henderson, Boulder City and Las Vegas have organized a ‘birthday parade’ to help her celebrate her 99 years in Nevada.  Between decorated vehicles, much noise and excitement, it is hoped that this will be a special day for Helen and that she will see that many are celebrating this milestone with her.