What is Eastern Star?

Eastern Star is an international organization (in over 20 countries) for Masons and women related to Masons.

Its members generate lifelong friendships.

Its members profess a belief in a Supreme Being and have values based on special women of the Bible.

Its members are patriotic but are not a political action group.

Its members have activities that are educational, social and philanthropic-we raise millions of dollars each year for scholarships, care for children & seniors, health concerns such as cancer research, heart fund, eye foundations, and local charities such as food pantries, emergency services, women’s shelters, etc.

Sunrise Chapter is excited to help you find a home for yourself in the Eastern Star Community.

Initiation Fee – $30.00 (includes $5.00 for International Eastern Star Headquarters)

Affiliation Fee – $5.00 (for the International Eastern Star Headquarters)

Annual Dues – $20.00 + $6, which is the Annual Assessment of the most current Nevada Grand Chapter Session ($26 total for 2015)

PrePaid Dues Plan is available (20 X $20 = $400 + dues for one year)

Making a difference in our community.