Cindy and Gary Chattem photo

On September 22, 2020, we had the honor of initiating three new members to our Order


Cindy and Gary Chattem


Gary is from Long Island, NY, the oldest of four children, and still has his accent.  He graduated from Syracuse University with a major in ecology and was a member of Kappa Phi Delta fraternity.  No state income tax and many opportunities lured Gary to LV 19 years ago . . . and he’s never looked back.  Gary has excelled as a server and is a Sommelier.  Brother Gary was raised in Daharan Daylite Lodge in Henderson 14-1/2 years ago, served as Worshipful Master twice, and is now their Treasurer.  He is a member of the Scottish Rite and was a DeMolay Dad.  In 2001, Gary began the study of yoga to overcome some health issues.  He is now an avid participant 5-6 days a week and teaches.  Gary and Cindy met through yoga.  They married on 11/10/14 in Reno during the time of the annual convocation of the Grand Lodge of Nevada.

Cindy was raised in Los Angeles and earned a degree in architecture from Cal Poly in 1997.  She started her formal study of the Bikram style of yoga in 2004 and in 2005 received her formal training to teach.  She then moved to LV and searched for a position using her degree.  But, she loved yoga and decided to make that her career.  Cindy is now the Senior Bikram yoga instructor in town.  She explained that Bikram is a style that features 26 sequenced poses over 90 minutes.

Both Brother Gary and Sister Cindy love gardening.  Their dream is to move to a rural area, leaving the city and its rat race behind, and becoming self-sufficient.  They also enjoy visiting Japan, honoring Cindy’s roots, and admire the high-tech society.  When asked why they joined Star, Sister Cindy said that she was curious about the organization that fostered the same ideals as the men’s group.  She is looking forward to exploring the deeper teachings and the link to our founding fathers.  Brother Gary said that he looks forward to enjoying Star with his wife.  Welcome, Cindy and Gary!

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