Mary and Fred Maes Photo

On March 10th and then on September 22nd, 2020 our Chapter welcomed two affiliate members


Mary and Fred Maes.

Our Sister Mary was raised in West Virginia and Brother Fred in Pueblo, Colorado.  After high school, Mary moved to California where she married and raised three boys.  She met Fred after her divorce and they lived in southern Colorado and then she moved to St. George, Utah to care for a relative.  Her son and her three grandsons then moved to St. George.  Mary worked as a Social Worker in nursing homes in California and in St. George.  Sister Mary joined Star immediately after graduation from high school on 1/26/65 in Logan, West Virginia.  She remembers being worried that she would have to ride a donkey for initiation.  Her niece is now Worthy Matron of her WV Chapter.

Following high school, Brother Fred worked at a greyhound dog track as a dog trainer and then later at South Colorado Power Company.  In 1975, Fred joined the USMC just ten days following the 200th birthday of the Corps and completed five years.  He went to boot camp in San Diego and was trained in aerospace.  Fred attended Colorado State University and then worked on the space shuttle for Lockhead.

Mary and Fred met in California and married in 1988.  When they moved to Utah, he worked and retired from the Post Office.  Fred was raised in the Lodge in St. George in 2015.  Both Mary and Fred served as WM and WP of the Chapter in St. George and are currently serving as WM and WP of North Star Chapter.  Fred is also serving as AP of Daylite Chapter where Mary serves as Treasurer — what an active couple they are!  Welcome, Mary and Fred!


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