Celebrating Sister Helen McLeod’s 99th Birthday

On May 24, 2020, our friend Sister Helen McLeod of Henderson, celebrated her 99th birthday in the emergency room thwarting plans to have a parade past her home to celebrate.  So on June 24, 2020, the parade materialized celebrating her 99 years . . . and one month.  Helen is a 99 year native of Nevada having been born and raised in Goldfield, Nevada.  She has many friends in the Las Vegas valley several of whom decorated their vehicles and gathered to celebrate her special birthday.  It was a special event!

To learn more about Sister Helen and her amazing life, click HERE

Attendees included 17 and in parade order:

Barbie Holmes
Russ Askland
Dan Gross
Claudia Corlette
Mary & Fred Maes
Marilyn & Peggy Kolk
Alyce & Charles Wheeler
Sandy Levine
Mona Hammett
Cynthia Ziedner
Patty & Stan Loewenkamp
Cavell & Jay Miller

Thank you Sisters and Brothers for the wonderful turnout!